Flexible gas tubes

The Gas Flex collection of FixaFlex consists of a wide selection of flexible gas tubes for the connection of appliances running on natural gas. Our flexibles comply with strict, certified inspection procedures. Our flexible gas hoses offer an excellent quality – a warranty of 10 years! – and are fitted with a yellow PVC coating as well as with a stainless steel braid.

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This flexible gas hose is made of nitrile rubber and is suited for the connection of transportable stoves on natural gas. The GASFLEX 26 NBR flexible gas hoses have been approved by the KVBG for use in indoor installations in accordance with NBN-D5-003.

The GASFLEX 26 CE STAINLESS STEEL is a flexible gas hose for the connection of all appliances on natural gas. These flexible gas tubes are high-quality, AISI304 helically convoluted hoses with a stainless steel braid and a yellow PVC coating. These hoses comply with the European standard EN14800 and are suited for gas of type L (for example in Belgium).