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FixaFlex Made in Belgium Flexible Hoses

Did you know that FIXAFLEX NV is a premium Belgian manufacturer? Hence we are proud to label our products "Made in Belgium".

As a family business, located in Ypres, we have been producing flexible hoses since 1978. Looking for a standard range of products or a customized solution?  FIXAFLEX manages the process from A to Z. Our production department accurately braids your desired diameter of rubber, silicone, etc. And afterwards our employees ensure the requested length and fittings.

We highly value sustainability and quality, therefor we require that all our flexible hoses meet with strict quality control procedures. Such as for example: does the hose meet with the certification procedures, does it need to be diffusion tight, or, is the flexible hose resistant to sufficient compressive force, etc.? As a result we can ensure and offer all our customers a guarantee of 10 years. Eventually after our quality inspections, we neatly package our products, ready for shipment. Ask for your FixaFlex Flexible hose at your specialized HVAC / Sanitary Warehouse or DIY store. 

FIXAFLEX made in Belgium, reliable products and good service. 




#DidYouKnow that providing the right accessories, such as a flexible connection, leads to a smooth installation and ensures that your HVAC appliances have a longer lifespan


#DidYouKnow that selecting the right flexible connection ensures your heating system can have a longer lifespan?

Happy Holidays !
Happy Holidays

From December the 21st until January the 1st we are unavailable. We will be back at your service starting January 2nd. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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