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#DidYouKnow that selecting the right flexible connection ensures your heating system can have a longer lifespan?


Diffusion-tight hoses, also known as OXYTIGHT, are ideal for low temperature heating and cooling. The BUTYL rubber limits oxygen diffusion to <0.1g / m3 / day, which means that OXYTIGHT hoses meet the DIN4726 standards. This means that within the piping system of your boiler, there is less chance of corrosion and pressure loss.


Installing a different type of hose can lead to corrosion and subsequent loss of performance, leaks, and failure. In the long term, a diffusion-tight connection ensures that you have less chance of such problems. Installing OXYTIGHT is therefore opting for a longer lifespan of your central heating installation, fewer repairs, and ultimately satisfied customers.


You can increase your ease of installation by choosing a flexible hose with the right connections and the right length, which saves time on your construction site.


Flexible hoses for plumbing and drinking water installations
Quality hoses for plumbing or drinking water installations.

As a manufacturer of plumbing, drinking water and HVAC connections, we note that both safety and hygiene play a very important role in our daily lives. Discover our quality flexible hoses for your plumbing and drinking water installations. 

Choose your flexible hose wisely
How to choose your flexible hose for an efficient and durable installation

Did you know that providing the right accessories, such as a flexible connection, leads to a smooth installation and ensures that your appliances have a longer lifespan? Discover our flexible solutions for the water treatement industry, HVAC & plumbing, climatisation, and irrigation installations.

suction and discharge hose
Discover our new product category – Premium quality suction and delivery hoses

From now on Fixaflex also offers Plutone PF hoses for the connection of your water pump. Discover more about our suction and delivery hoses !

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